separated at birth: Beberg & Hanson?

Dave Long
Fri, 05 Apr 2002 12:33:50 -0800

Upon reading _Fields Without Dreams_,
I have to say that Hanson reminds me
more of a rusticated Beberg, writing
at length.  (not all of the 289 pages
praising agrarians bash academia, but
it's ironic that when it happens, his
writing style reminds one more of the
ivory tower than the fields)

Have you read anyone recently who:

Knows that life would be improved,
if only people listened to those who
can {hack code, grow food} well?

Has a system to Save The World, but
because (for various reasons) it
hasn't been economically viable:

Appears to spends his time writing*
polemics for {FoRK, Nat'l Review}
rather than tending to his original


* Hanson admires sweat equity and the
ability to be productive, yet asocial.
In FWD, he ignores the fact that many
urban jobs also offer these features
(flat food, anyone?), but as a writer,
he implicitly acknowledges it.