Projectile! Espresso! (was re: Message from Yahoo! about changes to our Privacy Policy and your Marketing Preferences)

R. A. Hettinga
Sun, 7 Apr 2002 23:18:10 -0400

I had to bust out laughing, and now my nose really hurts...

After the last iteration of the "Marketing Preferences" page contained *16*
places to click "no" before Yahoo! would leave you Alone! :-), they added
two new check boxes on this iteration of How Yahoo! Really! Cares! About
Your! Privacy!. The new checkboxes are for your address, the other is for
your phone number.

Now, where'd I put that wet-nap? My keyboard's covered with a recently
aerosolized quadruple-espresso...


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Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2002 19:44:11 PDT
From: Yahoo! <>
Subject: Message from Yahoo! about changes to our Privacy Policy and your
Marketing Preferences

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Yahoo! Privacy Message
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Message from Yahoo! about changes to our Privacy Policy and your Marketing

Your privacy is very important to us here at Yahoo!. We are sending you
this email to let you know that we have updated our Privacy Policy. You can
read our updated Privacy Policy by visiting Yahoo!'s comprehensive
<>Privacy Center.

Our commitment to privacy hasn't changed. We believe that you should
understand what we do with your information and what choices you have. So
why are we revising our Privacy Policy? To streamline it and make changes
to address several important topics.

In recent years, we have added a Children's Privacy Policy and Privacy
Information for users of Yahoo!'s financial products and services, in
accordance with requirements of federal legislation. We at Yahoo! have
become increasingly aware of questions about how data is treated when a
user's safety may be at risk, when fraud or illegal activities may be
occurring, or when companies are combined. We feel that the time is right
to streamline our privacy policies into a single, comprehensive policy and
to address these and other issues in the process.		Please take a moment
to visit our <>Privacy Center and read
our updated Privacy Policy. (Note: The Yahooligans! Privacy Policy, for our
children's web site, has not changed. Although the format and some parts of
the Yahoo! Privacy Policy have been updated, our collection, use, and
treatment of information from kids under age 13 remains unchanged.)

In order to keep you up to date about our many new products and services
and how they might be of use to you, we have created a new
	<>Marketing Preferences page
within the Account Information area. It is designed to make it easier for
you to manage the marketing communications you receive from Yahoo! and
ensure you get the latest relevant information to meet your needs. We have
reset your marketing preferences and, unless you decide to change these
preferences, you may begin receiving marketing messages from Yahoo! about
ways to enhance your Yahoo! experience, including special offers and new
features. Your new marketing preferences will not take effect until 60 days
after the date of this mailing so you have plenty of time to decide what
you want to receive and what you don't. To change your preferences, go to
the <> Marketing Preferences page.

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