"united we stand"

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym@canada.com
08 Apr 2002 10:40:30 -0400

Adam has whacked a nail with a femur here:

    A> As a non-alpha, the whole point is to be as far from the Alpha
    A> as possible, the better to surf all day like everyone else with
    A> internet at work.

Not "as far as possible" but certainly far enough to be just on the
edge of Alpha's peripheral olefactory vision (hence most don't go as
far as teledyn.com/fun/SaubleBeach).  The Non- must also keep the
Alpha in view, eager to spot that seize on any Gross Mistake and all
other opportunity whereby the first becomes the last, and the last
gets some tail (*).

I have to commend Adam's perceptiveness: In my 20+ years looking at
the telecommute/virtual-office problem, his is the _first_ credible
counter-argument.  It's all about the chicks, man.

Hmmm ... I smell a research project in here (where the hell's my
clipboard?). Perhaps, because it is not politically correct to say so
but it is nonetheless deeply engrained in the species, none of the
anti-telecommute managers I've ever encountered have dared articulate
/why/ they are opposed to a virtual office; perhaps their conscious
and rational minds do not even know exactly why they "don't like it"
thus they make up new absurdities like "face to face" (when they mean
"I gotta smell their butt")

Geez ... where are Leakey's Angels when you need one?

     NEW YORK (AP) - Pandemonium broke  out on Wall Street today after
     famed primate anthropologist  Jane Goodall parked a dumpster full
     of  90-day bonds  and   insider stock reports   on the  curb side
     outside the Stock Exchange.  43 senior brokers were arrested, and
     another 18 hospitalized before  riot police broke up the scuffle.
     The  results  have    rocked   the  foundations    of  industrial
     engineering.  "I just  wanted to see  what they   would do," said
     Goodall, "I never dreamed they'd get so violent."

(* for any neo-alpha ladies in the audience, I won't say that genders
   /can/ be flipped because this may be deep primate behaviour and not
   within our rational control to politically correct it.  But I'll
   accept that it /might/ be possible to flip the gender roles; if it
   /is/ based on species-engraved action-patterns, that may explain
   why 80+ years of sufferage and affirmative action still fails to
   gain women due representation in the Oval Office -- we can want it
   and reach for it all we want, but the cost to make the leap is far
   higher than just equal pay for equal work; we _literally_ have to
   /evolve/ our species.)

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