"united we stand"

carey carey@tstonramp.com
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 08:54:20 -0700

>    why 80+ years of sufferage and affirmative action still fails to
>    gain women due representation in the Oval Office -- we can want it
>    and reach for it all we want, but the cost to make the leap is far
>    higher than just equal pay for equal work; we _literally_ have to
>    /evolve/ our species.)

I'd argue that as long as status quo perpetuators (the first thing that
popped into my head was the alpha male glory of say, The Man Show, or even
better, Tom Likus) continue to exist, such evolution isn't even fathomable.

I think the Dominatrix role is entirely too overlooked in society.  Damnit,
we need _more_ alpha-female kickass wonderwomen having legions of male
working drones.   Then the system would function.  And we wouldn't need to
monitor their every waking move, we'd just successfully ply enough mind
tricks and sexual-domination-through-innuendo to get our ways.

I love my dreamworld, but  I need more coffee.