Re[2]: "united we stand"

Mon, 8 Apr 2002 20:47:15 -0700

ALB> The traits that make females able to raise a child are precisely the ones
ALB> that make them great workers internal to an organization, and really not so
ALB> good externally - and visa versa for males.

You know adam, I thought you were a little more enlightened than this.
Amazingly enough, folks were using this argument (on both sides of the
sexes, so i'll make no pretenses that iwas soley men) to keep women
out of the workforce.  Or, I should say, to keep, middle class and
wealthy white women out of the workforce.  Surely enough, all the
'qualities' that these women had for raising children that were unfit
fo rthe workforce (and I see your modification*)), somehow didn't make
a goddamn difference when it came to say, poor women.  Or women during

ALB> Internal to a company, you need organization, planning, cooperation in
ALB> keeping the newest Alpha from killing your young, selflessness, alot of
ALB> watching the other gals back so that you can get stuff done - the female
ALB> things.

All I can say, is i'll have to go start kicking ass.  I don't find
myself imbodying any of these qualities.  To assume therefore that a
quality is inherently male or female just irks me.  I know lots of
kickass, fearless women who don't give a fuck about stepping on yours,
or anyoneelses, nuts to get ahead.  They can be as ruthless, if not
moreso.  The difference being, they're called coniving bitches,
self-righteous whores, or PMSing emotional females.

Men, if they're called anything, just happen to be called assholes.
And for some reason, assholes still get people turned on.

ALB> External you need ruthlessness, the ability to find and expoit weeknesses,
ALB> the goal of putting as many of your competitors (and employees) as possible
ALB> out of work, and general ability to be an asshole - the male things.
point made.

ALB> Like any bellcurve thing, some women are great hunter-killers, and some men
ALB> can cooperate.

ALB> Given this, monkey business, you make your exec types male, and your
ALB> workforce female. Unless you're in industry or geek fields, when you need
ALB> strength (a different bellcurve) or geeks (a genetic defect only males can
ALB> have).

Wait, you just say that some men/some women, and then move right back
to make _all_.  Nice to see that when things tweak your bellcurve, you
toss them out as mere skewers :).  Incidentally, there were and are,
quite a few geeks who are of the Vulvic order.  Geekiness is -not- an
inherently male characteristic, anymore than being medically inclined,
or legally gifted is.  Women just need to stop having the same images
thrust on them at an early age (stop with the barbie centrism, up with
the chemistry labs), and I think you'd see a marked improvement.

I've found that geeks can be surprisingly enlightened, if they just
pull their heads out of their asses once and a while and get out of
the cubes.

Best regards,