Re[2]: "united we stand"

Mon, 8 Apr 2002 21:19:37 -0700

ALB> The traits that make females able to raise a child are precisely the ones
ALB> that make them great workers internal to an organization, and really not so
ALB> good externally - and visa versa for males.

ALB> Internal to a company, you need organization, planning, cooperation in
ALB> keeping the newest Alpha from killing your young, selflessness, alot of
ALB> watching the other gals back so that you can get stuff done - the female
ALB> things.

ALB> External you need ruthlessness, the ability to find and expoit weeknesses,
ALB> the goal of putting as many of your competitors (and employees) as possible
ALB> out of work, and general ability to be an asshole - the male things.

Later thoughts I had with myself in the kitchen:

To your question:  Why?  Is it always requisite that for a company to
succeed, they first must have
some asshole making the decisions?  I'm working by your standard of
external ruthlessness/asshole persona.

PErhaps in our society the concept of a non-asshole just hasn't come
into flavor yet.  IT doesn't necessarily mean that women can't be
leaders, they just might be leaders via a different means.

Clint Eastwood is not the only way.

Back to the general argument between Gary/myself etc:  I'll make the
concession that women perhaps might have specific qualities (or ways
of looking at the world) that are different from typical male
qualities (whatever the fuck that is).  These might indeed be
biological.  BUt what is the argument that says that evolution can't
occur?  Maybe it hasn't, because women haven't had the ability
societally to show that their 'interior' methods might just work.

Lets face it folks.  Biology is great and all, but we've seen over
history that even biology can be thwarted by superior mindthink.  Sex
comes to mind as a purely, animal urge, yet, it has a pretty good
history of being controlled.  Not eliminated, but controlled.  We have
outliers, but society has dealt with them.  If we can even manage to
somewhat put a finger on the sex urge, why can't basic roles that
women and men exhibit also be altered?

BAck to fixing my ass some grub.

Best regards,