United We Stand

signa@birch.net signa@birch.net
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 00:50:29 -0500

The phrase came from the psychobabble newscasters were dribbling out as the 
suggestion of coordinated attacks via American Airlines on frequently named 
icons crept into the actual real news, threatening to bring first-reporter journalism 
with it.

Wordwise back-readability was completely conincidental.
Inutility well planned.

Otherwise, perhaps the We is an explicit reference to the ancients in 'Heavy 
Metal 2000,' implying hopes that NY Public Works' monumental river and canal 
works would rise to the firefighting and structural reinforcement task at hand....

Perhaps you missed Tom Browkaw croaking (per descriptive text, here...) 
Disjointed, YŠll Lope
Mauldered, Executives and Officers Reiser-Yoga
Notch-regimented, Each Akimbo
Entangled, You People Skitter
Cosorceled, I Reify
Dago, Thems' Walkabout

Alpha-Gail desiderata (copied verbatim from JoPFY Apr 2002 p.1213+7i) :
  -killing off others to make arcology simply manageable considered harmful
     -sets awkward example for dunning workers
     -obnoxious mourning
  -cost of cloistering sub-alpha Gails offset by structural perks
     -pretax allocation of externality arbitrarily to contractors, employees, clients, 
     -cross-function and dysfunction with any-length governance tree
        -compile-time options
     -scalability and technical verification suddenly possible to test
     -deprecates harms in first major point