united we stand

Bill Clark bill_clark@flashmail.com
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 16:49:16 -0700

In a message dated Wed, 10 Apr 2002, Grlygrl201@aol.com writes:

>>What are you -my therapist? :-)

Hardly! My checking account balance supports this fact :-( Besdies, such things
are best left to the professionals.

>>And success business considers how its customers uniquely benefit from their

IMO, the real key to the long-term success of a business is keeping and attracting
the smartest, most observant/innovative workers who enjoy to continue to learn
and implement key elements from others' successes--not dwelling or spending
too much time over-thinking/focusing on things. The burden of recognizing and
realizing what the customer really wants sits with the shrewd and perceptive
team of workers/managers who make the most of their time, resources, colleagues,
and are not afraid of change--on many levels. Customers are as smart as they
are important, and will notice "that something special"; which, in turn, makes
THEM "feel special" and more amiable to opening their pocketbooks.


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