On my conversion from aggressive to rabid

John Hall johnhall@evergo.net
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 17:03:38 -0700

Yes, the young Jedi feels the power of the dark side ...

Lebanon is more likely to blow up, but less scary in many ways, than
either the Korean border or Pakistan / India.

The Arabs can't win a conventional military confrontation.  They
wouldn't just get beaten, they would get cleaned out by an Israel that
wasn't in the mood to abide by any restrictions.  The last time Syra
tangled with Israel they lost 82 aircraft (Israel losses were zero).
The balance of power has moved, massively, in favor of Israel since
then.  Syria no longer has a Soviet Union to back them up and their
military has been degrading for a decade.

Which is why Syrian units in Lebanon are moving NORTH.

As for using WMD's on Israel, yeah that would be a bad idea.  How do you
say 'bat-shit-crazy' in Hebrew?  The optimists think Israel has about
100 Nuke kits, the pessimists 200.  Either is capable of killing every
Arab city with more than 30K population within 1,000 miles of Tel Aviv.

The Palestinians really have no idea how close they are to getting the
response they have earned.

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> What's the scariest place in the world right now?
> The Lebanese-Israeli border:
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> Arafat and the right of return
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