FoRK: Vacation Spots, relaxation havens and damn fun places to visit

Thu, 11 Apr 2002 10:36:22 -0700

Alright.  So there is a FoRKer who will remain nameless, who thinks he's
seen everything, and been or read about everywhere that could possibly be
interesting.   I strongly disagree of course, and think he's full of shit

So my question to all the FoRKers out there, since I know you all are a
fount of knowledge and good n' useful bits, is:

What is the strangest, most interesting, or truly awesome place you've
either: a) Ever been to or b) would like to go.

This tangent was started, probably some time ago, when Rohit mentioned the
idea of dark parks,

and was briefly explored then, but I really want to hit up on it now.  I
think said FoRKer indeed has not seen nearly enough, and I rely on you to
prove me right :)

Now, I know I haven't seen jack dittly.  PErhaps the most awe inspiring
place I've been to in my short little existence, is a little place near the
calico ghost town.   A friend grabbed me one day, mumbling something about
caves, total darkness, and the sexiest display of constellations that you
can find (at least in CA).

Might I add, the concept of total darkness in a cave is a very wonderful
little experience.   And the ability of mere stars and the moonlight to
illuminate an area well enough that one could make it back to their car sans
a flashlight, is truly bitchin :)

I'm sure some of you folks with more time and adventure than I have seen
better places.  Mind elaborating?

(This has been another purely bitless endeavor, brought to you by bitbitch!)