Why the Europeans and Arabs, each in their own way, hate America and Israel

Russell Turpin deafbox@hotmail.com
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 18:12:32 +0000

Robert Harley writes:
>To draw an analogy: Europe feels like an older, wiser
>brother who sees younger siblings making the same mistakes that he once 
>did.  Europe, and its various parts, have been through the "I'm gonna be a 
>tough guy and flout my strength and push others around" before and have 
>experienced the good and the bad results, even mere decades or centuries 
>ago. Times were different then, for sure, but the lessons
>learned remain very relevant today.

I'm not sure that Europe learned its lesson, so much
as it stepped away from the mess it created when there
was no longer profit in it, and that the results
continue to come back to bite us. It's interesting to
look at colonial history, and ask: What should Europe
have done, during or afterwards, to make things better?

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