FoRK: Vacation Spots, relaxation havens and damn fun places to visit

Thu, 11 Apr 2002 14:15:01 -0400 (EDT)

If your looking for amazingly bizzare places to visit, you might want to
go explore the underside of New York City. There ware miles of tunnels and
sewage/maintence systems down there, but if you had to hit just one
location I  would say the underside of Grand Central Station.

On the flip side of that, and on the opposite end of the coutnry, the
Columbia Gorge has some of the most amazing sites, spots and attractions I
have yet run into. Aside fromt he sheer natural beuaty of the place there
are things like Mary Hill, Stonehenge, the falls area, severeal rivers to
sloosh down, prodice like you wouldnt belive and its all with in driving
distance of Portland.

In a more general frame of mind, take up Geocaching (
and you are bound to find tons of very cool places you would otherwise not
have. For a list of places my family and I have discoverd head on over to