Vacation Spots, relaxation havens and damn fun places to visit

Owen Byrne
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 22:00:29 -0300

A few highlights from my life - call them alternate history tourist
designations -
Beirut - at 13 - 1974 - at the time a wonderful, relatively cool (as in
temperature), enclave, that at the time, seemed immune from the chaos in
neighboring countries.
Afghanistan - 1975 -  at 15 years old I was turned loose from my parents
(under the supervision of a high school coach) in downtown Kabul for 5 days.
The most amazing place - awash in contraband of all kinds, with hijacked
American aid front and center - Budweiser and Marlboro at a tenth of the
price in the US, along  with, well, Afghanistan.

More recent - the wars haven't gotten there yet:

Barcelona - middle of the Barrio Gotico - preferably at 4 am during a festa
or after a Barcelona defeat of Real Madrid.
Newfoundland - Gros Morne National Park. Define "solitude."
The north shore of Lake Superior.

Carey asked:

> Alright.  So there is a FoRKer who will remain nameless, who thinks he's
> seen everything, and been or read about everywhere that could possibly be
> interesting.   I strongly disagree of course, and think he's full of shit
> :-)
> So my question to all the FoRKers out there, since I know you all are a
> fount of knowledge and good n' useful bits, is:
> What is the strangest, most interesting, or truly awesome place you've
> either: a) Ever been to or b) would like to go.
> This tangent was started, probably some time ago, when Rohit mentioned the
> idea of dark parks,
> and was briefly explored then, but I really want to hit up on it now.  I
> think said FoRKer indeed has not seen nearly enough, and I rely on you to
> prove me right :)
> Now, I know I haven't seen jack dittly.  PErhaps the most awe inspiring
> place I've been to in my short little existence, is a little place near
> calico ghost town.   A friend grabbed me one day, mumbling something about
> caves, total darkness, and the sexiest display of constellations that you
> can find (at least in CA).
> Might I add, the concept of total darkness in a cave is a very wonderful
> little experience.   And the ability of mere stars and the moonlight to
> illuminate an area well enough that one could make it back to their car
> a flashlight, is truly bitchin :)
> I'm sure some of you folks with more time and adventure than I have seen
> better places.  Mind elaborating?
> (This has been another purely bitless endeavor, brought to you by