Water filters, urine, and beer

Dan Kohn dan@dankohn.com
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 23:01:53 -0700

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I suspect this will be your strange question of the day:

I've been a fan of MSR and used the MiniWorks extensively when hiking in
Namibia last month to filter quite dirty water, with sparkling,
tasteless water being created every time.

My new Waterworks II just arrived today from REI, and as a test, I tried
it on two rather unusual substances: beer and urine.  Disappointingly,
in both cases, the result was clearly not pure water (it looked and
smelled like diluted urine and then like sudsy, diluted beer).

Could you please explain to me why this "science experiment" didn't
work, and yet the WaterWorks is presumably able to filter much smaller
particles to eliminate dangerous organisms.

And don't worry, I cleaned the filter extensively before packing it away
for my next trip.


Dan Kohn

          - dan
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