Try To Read Without Smiling

Marty Halvorson
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 13:12:19 -0600

What really made me smile was the old fashioned belief that a manual 
transmission makes an outstandingly good car even better.  Ever since 
Porsche perfected "Tiptronic," believers in manual transmissions, above all 
else, mark themselves as old fogies resistant to change.  I happen to be 
old, and due to excesses in my youth (under 60 that is), don't have certain 
parts of my body working sufficiently well to shift, in particular, my 
knees.  I can only exclaim, "Hooray for Porsche!"

Being partial to Audi's, my current and previous, cars, I lust after the 
S-6, especially since, in the U.S., it only comes as a station wagon.  Yes, 
it has an automatic transmission, fortunately that transmission is a 
Tiptronic, thus, one can play with the gears without the hassle of 
shifting.  The S-6 is the ultimate stealth vehicle, a large station 
wagon.  But, a large station wagon, with a 350 hp V-8 and full-time all 
wheel drive, that goes, stops, and handles better than most other cars in 
this world.


Marty Halvorson