Damn blog

Srdjan Keca ksilofon@panet.co.yu
Sun, 14 Apr 2002 15:52:02 +0200


So, I just spent an hour uploading and installing Movable Type 2.0 to
the website, only to find out that the server is missing various needed
Perl modules - HTML::Template, Image::Size, etc. etc. - which I can put
into my /extlib (SOAP::Lite is already there :), right? Yes, all except
DB_File (and Image::Magick, but that's optional), which has to be
installed by the admin. And now,

1. I can already imagine the sound of his voice when he hears I want him
to install DB_File for me. "We gave you MySQL, you know?"

2. I'm not sure Movable Type is the best choice... It does meet all of
our requirements, but then again, we have PHP and MySQL running and this
doesn't use either, so there must be something that I missed.

So, can you recommend anything really, really good? The important stuff
is: it's got to have categories, it's got to support multiple posters,
and it's got to have an optional commenting system, like MT has... And
Blogger API support would be nice. Now, we don't need no Slash or
Slash-clones, and we don't really want a Wiki (although I guess we will
be using a Wiki in the near future, for some other stuff). Any ideas?