Congratulations on your paper re: KnowNow

Mr. FoRK
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 00:13:31 -0700

I took a closer look at that document and have a few comments:

It seems there are two major assumptions in the paper that I consider to be
1 - "the web consists of web browsers (using HTML and other technologies),
web servers and the HTTP protocol."
To me, "The Web" is more than just web browsers. The web browser is a simple
way to build many kinds of applications. When it fails to provide what you
need - like "full control of their execution sequence" - then you write a
new client that provides that capability.

"The client component, normally in the form of web page, can perform only a
small portion of a task, usually related to user interaction."
In my mind, a client can be any kind of code that uses HTTP, hyperlinking
and GET/PUT/POST/DELETE. Browsers are optional.

The paper seems to be pointing out problems with existing browsers, not the
architecture of the Web itself. So... write a new browser.

2 "Developers must take this mismatch into consideration"
"It does not match the layering scheme that suits traditional multi-tiered
applications, and thus poses a challenge to
developers who are used to the traditional tiering scheme."
The other assumption that I have a problem with is the idea of letting
developers do what they are used to. The Web is different than traditional
tiering schemes. Get used to it.