Gordon Mohr
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 07:41:01 -0700

Typically the legislature acts to simplify the tax system by 
specific reforms, which can work in the short term, but the
the pruned areas always wind up overgrown with special-interest
law again.

What if instead, a meta-reform were adopted: the entire tax
code may be no larger than X kilobytes? In year 1, X could be
enough to capture the entire current code, but by year 10, the
complexity budget would be, say, 50K.

While there'd be some ways to avoid the simplifying-intent
of such a complexity cap -- such as delegating greater
decisionmaking power to administrators and courts -- many
traditional narrow-interest tax code giveaways just wouldn't
fit anymore. There wouldn't be enough space to make the 
benefits apply to just the favored groups. 

The savings in aspirin alone would set off an economic boom.

- Gordon

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> from CNN:
> US tax code : 2.8 million words.
> Bible: 770 thousand words.
> 70 million professional tax returns done
> Lets guess at ~100$ each = 70 Billion a year. And people wonder why we dont
> just have a flat VAT tax? The savings in asprin alone would devastate the
> economy!
> - Adam L. "Duncan" Beberg