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Gary Lawrence Murphy
16 Apr 2002 09:32:34 -0400

>>>>> "B" == Bill Humphries <> writes:

    B> Who needs septic systems? At the vet's office this morning, I
    B> saw an ad for an incinerating toilet in the back of a Sunset
    B> Magazine.

There is also the closed-tank "Living Machines" system that uses
staged tanks of controlled bacteria for a cost of about
$2000/household (as contrasted to $7-10,000 per taxpayer for sewers or
septic tank systems which a Ministry of Housing described as "A bad
idea" (he told me septics "Only work for about 70 years, at most" and
have become a real disaster scenario across rural Ontario) -- the
Toronto HQ for The Body Shop, a dozen or so story building along the
Don Valley parkway, produces zero sewage; all toilets and sinks in the
building are serviced by a rooftop Living Machine system.

Other options include threading together existing septic systems with
1/8" pipe to (more or less) continuously syphon the contents out into
any nearby swamp.  Not that any of my local politicians care: If they
go with the sewer, the many will pay for the benefit of a few (no
sewer pipe will evern make it out to my neck of the woods, but all the
village core hotels and restaurants will get service they couldn't
otherwise afford) and besides, that's a /whopping/ construction
contract that is going to go to somebody's friend of a friend.

My neighbourhood is one of the few places on earth where you can start
a pub brawl with one word.  You just walk into Greenhorn's on a
Saturday night, say "Sewer" and stand back to watch the bottles fly.

BTW, speaking of dollar amounts, product endorsements and anything
that can be even loosely construed as advertising, I hope who-ever it
is on this list subscribed through the Washington Dental Services mail
server knows that their email is spam-filtered for even single
context-free pattern violations of such horrific abominations as
"" -- "Oh it works pretty good" their sysadmin told me
(referring to her spam censorship policy)  Yes'm, I suppose it do.

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