NyTimes - pacman cometh

Chuck Murcko chuck@topsail.org
Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:02:40 -0400


"WASHINGTON =97 =46rom Homer to Hemingway, Sun Tzu to Churchill, humans =
been fascinated by the violence and plotting, the heroism and sacrifice,=20=

the epic theater of what Dryden called "the trade of kings" =97 war.

But the Pentagon, energized by successes in Afghanistan, is moving ever=20=

closer to draining the human drama from the battlefield and replacing it=20=

with a ballet of machines.

Rapid advances in technology have brought an array of sensors, vehicles=20=

and weapons that can be operated by remote control or are totally=20
autonomous. Within a decade, those machines will be able to perform many=20=

of the most dangerous, strenuous or boring tasks now assigned to people,=20=

military planners say, paving the way for a fundamental change in=20

My favorite quote:

"Robotics can do three things for the future army: keep soldiers out of=20=

harm's way, do the laborious and boring tasks and keep going long after=20=

a soldier is exhausted. And they have no fear, at least in current=20