Lindsey Smith
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 15:58:44 -0700

> "They could open themselves to that kind of notification and verification
so they would provide up-to-the-minute search capability," said Winer, who
predicts that one day Google or another search provider will offer a service
for the home computer.
> Yesh, it's called Magi and it works with
> AltaVista [1], Inktomi, and will work with Google anon - as
> soon as Nelson finishes the Web APL.

Except that Google, AV, et al aren't up-to-the-minute sources.
Up-to-the-previous-month-or-so maybe.

For example, Google last spidered Evhead (a popular, very highly linked-to
blog) around on March 11. Of course that's just one example. On the other
hand, Google reports that they last spidered yesterday.

The point is that Google notification won't be terribly useful until it can
either spider the rapidly changing hunks of the Internet (blogs or forums
for example) in a drastically more timely fashion or creates a way for those
rapid content creators to push updates up to the mothership. Both are tough
nuts to crack at Google's scale.