The Jury Fights Back...."How Time Warner Cable Screwed Over 'A Good Guy'"

Ben Hammersley
Thu, 18 Apr 2002 10:14:55 +0100

Morning all,
Here's new bits for you:

The author was on the jury for what is apparently a very nasty case of
discrimination, due to the plaintiff dating a black woman. (Read the
link, it's nasty) Despite the facts pointing to a pretty obvious
verdict, in the words of the author,

"In the end, we found they demoted him and we found that race played a
"motivating" part in that demotion. But we had to find that he was
probably going to be demoted anyway (not due to anything he did though),
and since Florida is a "Right to Work" state (read: right to get canned
for no reason), we had to give the last question to Time Warner, which
blew the whole case for him...I'm not going to let Bill swing on this
one. He may have lost, but there are people that can recognize the
injustice of AOL/Time Warner even if the jury isn't allowed to. It would
help me sleep at night if I could start to make it right for him so I'm
starting this page to send funds to Bill and his family."

It's an interesting case anyway, but has anyone else ever heard of a
member of a jury starting a site the day a case ends, to raise cash for
the plaintiff to appeal? Gotta love the net...