today's pet peeve

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Thu, 18 Apr 2002 08:03:12 -0700

"Joseph S. Barrera III" wrote:
> ... is sites where when you hit the back button
> in your browser, put you back at the same page.
> You have to then manually go back two pages at once.
> It just makes my life hard and it sucks.

A trick learnt from the porn industry. 

> I hate the company I work for, and a couple "sure thing"
> opportunities fell through (who even knows why?),
> so I'm drinking extra dry martinis (no vermouth)

They call that a Churchill: pour the gin or vodka,
face towards France (the point of origin of the fortified wine)
and toast. Dick Nixon's favorite drink was a dry martini too. 

> and trying to recover the data on the laptop disk
> that I had that died. And my jag is still in the
> shop because when the shop did my brakes, they
> introduced a shuddering that they can't figure out
> yet how to get rid of. Should have bought something
> simple and reliable, like a Buick. Oh, that's right,
> I had a Buick (with no problems except plastic pieces
> falling off) until I got the Jag, and gave the Buick
> to my kawaii sister in law.

Trade it in for an XKR.  They were advertising them
in last Sunday's paper at Santa Ana Jag for $2500 down,
$899/month for a 48 month lease.  Built on the same
frame as the Aston Martin Vantage (I prefer the
2002 Vanquish, but it's a little out of my price
league right now), it's got their new AJ 4.0L V8. Get
the coupe over the convertible as the convertible is
for looks, the coupe is for performance and has better
frame integrity for handling.  

As for Buick's, I love my 1970 Buick Special 454.  It's
faster than a '69 Corvette.   

> It's a shame I fall asleep after much more than two
> glasses of gin. I need to get more drunk than I'm
> physically capable of getting.
> But really, you do have to read
> - The Computer Connection
> - Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
> and of course
> - Infinite Jest
> But do you listen to me? No. No one does.
> Brain the size of a planet...
> My fucking antidepressants are Not Fucking Working.
> Do you hear me? NOT FUCKING WORKING.
> Maybe it's time for

I saw on the news this morning, planets aligning.  Last
time it'll happen until 2040.  Best viewed in the Southwest
from 8:00pm-8:30pm for the next 3 weeks.   It's like I always
tell everyone, people are mostly saltwater and I used to spend
hours and hours watching the sun and moon pull billions upon
billions of gallons of it 4-8 feet every 12 hours or so.