Damn blog

Karl Anderson kra@monkey.org
20 Apr 2002 18:34:48 -0700

Srdjan Keca <ksilofon@panet.co.yu> writes:

> So, can you recommend anything really, really good? The important stuff
> is: it's got to have categories, it's got to support multiple posters,
> and it's got to have an optional commenting system, like MT has... And
> Blogger API support would be nice. Now, we don't need no Slash or
> Slash-clones, and we don't really want a Wiki (although I guess we will
> be using a Wiki in the near future, for some other stuff). Any ideas?

Zope CMF and/or my Zope blog product, BlogFace, both support all of
this and more (except the Blogger API).  You'd need to be interested
in learning some Zope skills proportional to the pickiness and
complexity of your needs, but you don't need anything installed except

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