Damn blog

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym@canada.com
21 Apr 2002 09:07:12 -0400

>>>>> "K" == Karl Anderson <kra@monkey.org> writes:

    K> Srdjan Keca <ksilofon@panet.co.yu> writes:
    >> So, can you recommend anything really, really good? The
    >> important stuff is: it's got to have categories, it's got to
    >> support multiple posters, and it's got to have an optional
    >> commenting system, like MT has... And Blogger API support would
    >> be nice. Now, we don't need no Slash or Slash-clones, and we
    >> don't really want a Wiki (although I guess we will be using a
    >> Wiki in the near future, for some other stuff). Any ideas?

    K> Zope CMF and/or my Zope blog product, BlogFace, both support
    K> all of this and more (except the Blogger API).  

Anyone know of any such systems which do not require extra server
software and which especially do not require a great hulking
relational database (why they can't all use sqlite or even gdbm is
totally beyond me)

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