Why you get spam

Bill Humphries bill@whump.com
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 10:34:16 -0700

On Sunday, April 21, 2002, at 06:21 AM, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> The Mercury News (via silicon.com) is running a series of articles on
> spam this weekend, of which there are few surprises except the
> confirmation that, whatever we may do, however we may hate it, the sad
> truth is, spam is highly profitable.

This is a cultural problem. Consider this: the page before the articles 
Gary mentioned had a full-page ad for Zig Ziglar's medicine show. Which, 
if it isn't in the same branch of the "tree of low life" as spammers, is 
certainly in the same kingdom.

People want to believe that buying a closet full of Herbalife and selling 
it to their friends is the only thing they need to do to become rich. 
Spammers, just like Herbalife and Scientology, exploit that same drive.

Is this a bug or feature of American culture? I don't know.

-- whump