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Karl Anderson kra@monkey.org
21 Apr 2002 13:59:06 -0700

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com> writes:

> >>>>> "K" == Karl Anderson <kra@monkey.org> writes:
>     K> Srdjan Keca <ksilofon@panet.co.yu> writes:
>     >> So, can you recommend anything really, really good? The
>     >> important stuff is: it's got to have categories, it's got to
>     >> support multiple posters, and it's got to have an optional
>     >> commenting system, like MT has... And Blogger API support would
>     >> be nice. Now, we don't need no Slash or Slash-clones, and we
>     >> don't really want a Wiki (although I guess we will be using a
>     >> Wiki in the near future, for some other stuff). Any ideas?
>     K> Zope CMF and/or my Zope blog product, BlogFace, both support
>     K> all of this and more (except the Blogger API).  
> Anyone know of any such systems which do not require extra server
> software

?  I don't know how you could have commenting (or any through-the-web
interaction except "email the author") or any API without extra
server software.  Aside from that, WebMake looks pretty cool, it
builds the static files locally that you export to your server.  I bet
that multiple posters on separate machines could be done with this and
CVS.  And the templating system used by python.org and others was
released recently, but I think it's a lot simpler in intent.

> and which especially do not require a great hulking
> relational database (why they can't all use sqlite or even gdbm is
> totally beyond me)

Zope alone doesn't require any databases (other than it's object db,
which the user or developer doesn't have to know much about usually),
and when you do need a relational storage, lots of toy databases can
be plugged in (as well as great hulking ones).

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