Why you get spam

Karl Anderson kra@monkey.org
21 Apr 2002 14:18:48 -0700

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com> writes:

> Oh boy, more spam spam!  Yup, nothing evokes a lively thread like
> a spam thread.  Can't be beat.  And to think that I started this one.

This isn't metaspam - that's the spam you get that tries to sell you
the same email database that caused you to get the spam in the first

People like to trash talking about spam, but I think it's an
interesting topic.  The unintended social and economic consequences of
technology is interesting, of course, and I like hearing the stupid
or counterproductive ideas that people come up with to try and combat
spam (um, that isn't a comment on this thread).  It's annoying on a
technical or professional list, of course, but come on - this is FoRK!

Maybe it's because I'm in that temporary state of having technology
that handles the problem to my satisfaction (at least for email - I
assume that others are also getting what seems to be the new wave of
telemarketing spam - personal sounding recorded (I assume) messages
left on voicemail).

BTW, is anyone else as impressed as I am that that Ken MacLeod is
writing a serious hard-SF series involving spam-hating Space Brothers
and pot-smoking Grays?

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