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Sorry to blast in from unsub land, but I thought this might be of
interest to some of you...  -jb, still on hiatus

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This is even more immediate than the copyright legislation that has been
rattling around the Senate.

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I don't ever do this sort of thing, but I feel so strongly about this issue
that I'm sending you this email to encourage you to do something I rarely
think is effective, yet might actually be in this case, namely petition the
US government.

In two weeks, the Senate is going to vote on an anti-cloning ban proposed by
a Kansas senator and supported by the Bush administration. The law would
make cloning cells through "somatic nuclear transfer" a criminal offense,
punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison and a $1 million fine. The
bill would also make it a crime to import a medical therapy that had been
developed abroad using such "therapeutic cloning."

As Virginia Postrel has put it, "This bill represents both a nearly
unprecedented attack on basic science -- the only comparable prohibitions I
can think of involve mind-altering drugs; and it would be a significant blow
to potentially life-saving medical techniques in this country and, if such
treatments are developed elsewhere for diseases like Parkinson's and
diabetes, it would create a black market or drive patients abroad."

The vote in the Senate is said to be close, so we may actually be able to
affect the outcome. There are two petitions opposing these bills and
supporting research that will protect real human life rather than cells in a
petrie dish.

For progressives:

For libertarians, conservatives, non-left:

Please consider taking a few minutes to click through these links and join
me -- and 40 Nobel prize winners in science or medicine, among many
others -- in opposing this bill that would stifle research which could cure
some of humankind's most horrible diseases.



P.S. And, of course, I encourage you to pass this message, or your own, on
to your own friends in your email address list.

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