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>Caring parents and studying increase test scores. Researchers briefly
>remove heads from asses to look amazed. News at 11.

don't let the presence of the familiar (is it ever a bad thing to reiterate 
proven truths?) obscure the nugget of the new: the interesting stuff here is 
the stuff about study groups. 

<<There are real differences in how Asian students hit the books.
They tend to study in mutually supportive groups ...  said Ronald
Ferguson, a Harvard University economist who has studied the achievement gap

In a landmark study at the University of California at Berkeley, mathematics
Prof. Uri Treisman dramatically boosted the scores of his black freshmen
taking calculus when he had them duplicate the group-study habits of their
Asian peers.

Scores also shot up in elementary grades when students worked in groups
helping one another, Aronson said.>>