Shock result of French presidential election

Elias Sinderson
Mon, 22 Apr 2002 17:32:12 -0700

My experience agrees with yours, although it's difficult to identify the cause
in a situation like this. When you mix vinigar and baking soda, which of the two
is responsible for the reaction? You can add the two in either order and get the
same result. Of course, there are rarely occasions when the riot police are just
waiting around and a mob of protestors happen to show up...

It will be interesting to see the results of the next round of voting, although
from the press coverage I've been exposed to I can't help but think that it'll
be a landslide for Chirac.


chris arkenberg wrote:

> Yikes. Sounds like the protest turned violent when the riot police showed up.
> In my experience, peaceful protests usually remain peaceful unless
> acted upon by an opposing force (maybe there's some sort of Newtonian
> principle here...). As soon as the riot cops show up the mood in the
> air becomes much more charged with the potential for conflict. More
> often than not someone - cop or protester - will snap and the whole
> thing just explodes. Of course the press usually has a way of blaming
> it on the protesters...