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Rohit Khare
Mon, 22 Apr 2002 21:27:16 -0700


1. the 2:1 forward to reply ratio is telling; could it be used to =
indicate you are more the hub of a social network than a spoke?=20

2. The 500+ message a day email user market MUST constitute an emerging =
sector for new tools. I know I'd be willing to pay -- and this is a =
rarity! -- several hundred dollars for a tool that genuinely read my =
mind with email management. (e.g. took note of how long I spent =
attending to a message or person; could auto-index and summarize related =
themes on a half-dozen different mailing lists; and best of all detect =
my mood and spoonfeed stored fun mails when I'm clearly hitting the =
new-mail button like a rat searching for glucose.)

3. drum roll please... yet more evidence that the fraction of email =
actually worth reading and doing something about is... 3%

Long live the 97% rule,

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From:	R. A. Hettinga []
Sent:	Mon 4/22/2002 8:49 PM
Subject:	Mail Statistics

Eudora does stats on your mail if you let it. I live in Eudora all day, =
but not today, for most of the morning, and between three and eight in =
the PM. As Rohit knows, I read a lot of mail, though not nearly as much =
as I used to... :-).

Pardon the pics. Normally I don't send them, but they're useful, though =
maybe they won't go through the list server.

Don't know how far back the stats go to, but here they are anyway.


Received Email

    145 messages today
    397 messages yesterday
    522 average per day
307,087 messages total

Messages read
     46% of messages received today
     63% of messages received yesterday
     44% average
137,040 total messages

Attachments received
      1 attachment today
      8 attachments yesterday
    7.1 average per day
  4,218 total attachments

  _____ =20

Sent Email

     27 messages today
     27 messages yesterday
     39 average per day
 23,209 messages total

Forwarded messages
      7 messages today
     14 messages yesterday
     19 average per day
 11,608 messages total

Replied to messages
      9 messages today
      2 messages yesterday
    8.6 average per day
  5,076 messages total

Redirected messages
      0 messages today
      0 messages yesterday
    0.0 average per day
     22 messages total

Attachments sent
      0 attachments today
      0 attachments yesterday
    1.1 average per day
    697 total attachments

  _____ =20

Eudora Usage

    0.5 hours today
    3.8 hours yesterday
    2.9 average per day
  1,726 hours total

Usage Activities today
     48% reading mail
      6% composing mail
     46% other

  _____ =20

Statistics start time: Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 5:54 PM
Current time: Monday, April 22, 2002, 11:41 PM

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