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Leslie mkoozudz@yahoo.com
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 14:05:41 +0200

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This is the software they want banned from the INTERNET!

"The Internet Desktop Spy" shows you how to get the facts on anyone using the Internet.

LOCATE MISSING PERSONS, find lost relatives, obtain addresses and phone 

numbers of old school friends, even skip trace dead beat spouses.

Find out SECRETS about your relatives, friends, enemies, and everyone else! 

-- even your spouse! With the New - "Internet Desktop SPY"

LICENSE PLATE NUMBER - Get anyone's name and address with just a license 

plate number! (Find that girl you met in traffic!)

UNLISTED PHONE NUMBERS - Get anyone's phone number with just a name

LOCATE - Long lost friends, relatives, a past lover who broke your heart!

E-MAIL - Send anyone anonymous e-mail that's completely untraceable!

DIRTY SECRETS - Discover dirty secrets your in-laws don't want you to know!

INVESTIGATE ANYONE - Use the sources that private investigators use (all on 

the Internet) secretly!

CRIMINAL SEARCH - BACKGROUND CHECK - Find out about your daughter's 

boyfriend! (or her husband)

FIND OUT - If you are being investigated!

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