Poll: Email Loads at Work

Luis Villa louie@ximian.com
23 Apr 2002 09:30:50 -0400

On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 01:00, Kelley wrote:
> >I'm an extreme edge case but my folder for 'today's mail' contains 920
> >pieces of mail, which is not atypical for me; I've averaged a shade
> >under 450 a day since mid-January.
> for strictly work related mail? woah!

Yeah. I'm community QA at Ximian so I get the joy of reading basically
all email generated by bugzilla.gnome.org and bugzilla.ximian.com. I
don't do much else with the average day except read and respond to
those, otherwise it would be hard :) 

> Do you need a job--replacing the person complaining about email load? :)

Quite happy at mine, thanks :)

On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 01:36, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> I have the deepest sympathy for those chained to
> Outlook, Evolution or KMail.

If you're lumping Evolution in with the other two you clearly haven't
used it much; evo's virtual folder and searching functionality is
powerful enough that I easily handle my mail load and I could do much
more if I were willing to mess with configuration at the level gnus
users have to. It is definitely not gnus but it is more than enough for
my extremely heavy load, which is not something I could say about KMail,
Outlook, or any other client I've ever used. And the scoring interface
should be much improved in the next evo release, bringing it even closer
to gnus. [And I don't have to waste bits whining about HTML mail anymore

Granted, I'm obviously biased, but no gnus user I know from school who
has switched to Evolution has gone back to gnus. A small sample,
admittedly, but not zero. Proudly, the only member of my home LUG who
ditched their old mail client for Evo and then switched away from Evo
did it because they ditched Linux for OS/X and they are constantly
begging for an Evo port to fink :)