Kindly Get Back To Me Please 24/04/02 17:09:09

bram khumalo
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 17:09:09 +0200

Dear Friend=2C
This letter may come to you as a surprise due to the fact that we have
not yet met=2E The message could be strange but reel if you pay some 
to it=2E I could have notified you about it at least for the sake of your
integrity=2E Please accept my sincere apologies=2E In bringing this message
of goodwill to you=2C I have to say that I have no intentions of causing
you any pains=2E
I am  Mr Bram Khumalo=2Cson of the late rebel leader  
Maubane Khumalo
of Angola who was killed on the 22nd of febuary 2002 =2E I managed to get
your contact details through =22The World Business Journal=22=2C a journal
of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce in South Africa in the time I
was desperately looking for a trustworthy person to assist me in this
confidential business=2E
my late father=2C Maubane Khumalo was able to deposit a large sum of money
in differnt banks in europe My father is presently death and the 
of his family members =28including me=29 is restricted=2E We are forbidden
to either travel abroad or out of our localities=2E Presently=2C the 
EIGHT=2C MILLION=2C FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS my father transfered to 
is safe and is in a security firm=2E Before you can get access to it i
have to give you the password I am therefore soliciting your help to
have this money transfered into your account=2E before my government get
wind of this fund =2EYou know my father was a rebel leader in Angola 
his death My reason for doing this is because it will be difficult for
the Angolan government to trace my father's money to an individual's
account=2C especially when such an individual has no relationship =2CI 
to keep that money for my family use=2E At present the money is
kept in a Security Company in nertherland=2E
I am currently and temporarily living in Angola with my husband my 
has a refugee status=2C Moreover the political climate
in Angola at the moment being so sensitive and unstable=2EWith this 
and information I will send to you=2C and power of attorney to the 
firm=2C When you are ready i will give you the information needed before
you can get access to the fund you will then proceed to Netherlands 
the US$8=2C500=2C000=2E00 EIGHT=2C MILLION=2C FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS will be given
to you as payment=2E Alternatively=2C you can have the fund transferred 
any account that suits you=2E
Kindly get back to me through my email address=2Cwith all your coatacts addresses and send me your name as appear in your passport=2Cand your Telephone and fax number=2Ewaiting to hear from you=2C
God bless you=2E
Yours sincerely=2C
Bram Khumalo=2E