Bill Gates' testimony...

Tue, 23 Apr 2002 09:29:56 -0700

I saw this snippet on Newsscan.. now I'm actually interested in exploring
the rest of his testimony .. maybe that will clue me in to exactly which
hallucinogenic drugs he's on...

What would happen if Microsoft were to lose the case brought by the nine
state attorneys general still suing the company over penalties for its
antitrust violations? The consumers would feel a lot of pain, according to
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates. "Instead of being able to buy a machine with
Windows and knowing that all your applications would run, you wouldn't have
that assurance." But Gates says the future would be even darker than that:
"The same 'positive feedback loop' that propelled the PC industry to years
of steady growth would work in reverse, causing the industry to stagnate as
products became more expensive to develop even as they provided fewer
benefits and less interoperability." Challenged by a lawyer for the states
who asked with apparent sarcasm, "Did you mean us to take quite literally"
the suggestion that victory for the states "would lead to the end of
innovation and eliminate most of the current employees of Microsoft?" Gates
replied: "That's correct." (New York Times 23 Apr 2002)

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