NEC supercomputer nukes flops record

Dave Long
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 11:47:20 -0700

This sounds like the Earth Simulator supercomputer
in "Our Virtual Planet", Nature|Vol416|11april2002

> In 1997, the import of Japanese vector machines was banned following
> a trade dispute between the two countries.  So researchers in the
> United States -- the biggest single market for supercomputers --
> turned increasingly to parallel systems.
> By the late 1990s, Japan was looking for a way to help its struggling
> vector supercomputer manufacturers.  A vector-based climate machine was
> an obvious choice.  Climate researchers had not willingly abandoned
> vector machines, as it is difficult to adapt some climate models so
> that they run efficiently on parallel systems.

Is/was the vector/parallel situation as political
as the article claims?