Small Tools Loosely Joined

Gary Lawrence Murphy
23 Apr 2002 15:05:43 -0400

Along the same thread as monolithic apps vs small tools (which is, I'd
thought, the whole point of gnorba or whatever it's called) it seems
that, if you don't come around to small tools, small tools will come
around to you ...

   Web services provide a flexibility that the university has never
   had because it always has been locked into one technology for voice
   mail, one for e-mail and one for fax. Now the school can tie it all
   together without being required to change or replace anything as
   would be required in a typical monolithic unified communications

egad, you mean my utopia might be enabled by SOAP??!!!
I need to discuss BUY-BACK PROVISIONS with at least
 six studio SLEAZEBALLS!!

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