Shock result of French presidential election

Dave Long
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 11:38:41 -0700

> I'm a little bit puzzled about these protests.  What were you
> protesting?

After witnessing the aftermath of a Paris St.
Germain win, I think taking to the streets may
be the Parisian equivalent of potatoing to the
couches to watch "Crime Scene Investigation".

> Thanks for the tips, by the way.  I'll make sure to bring a respirator
> and practice my running skills before I participate in any French
> protests.

There was a car ad that was running in Paris,
in which a car is overrun, first by a group of
running protesters, then by the cops.  In the
morning, the owner comes out and hoses it off.

>                           Then, for no apparent reason, the CRS
> charged the crowd to clear the whole place.

I realize the CRS is unlikely to oblige us* for
the sake of experiment, but if, for no apparent
reason, we could get the police horses to charge
the lines of police with plastic shields (tear
gas, yes; SMGs, no), we'd have some harder data
on their relative historical merits.


* but maybe the gendarmes, next time they strike?