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At 6:55 PM -0400 4/23/02, R. A. Hettinga wrote:
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>>>>>> "R" == Rohit Khare <> writes:
>    R> 2. The 500+ message a day email user market MUST constitute an
>    R> emerging sector for new tools. I know I'd be willing to pay --
>    R> and this is a rarity! -- several hundred dollars for a tool
>    R> that genuinely read my mind with email management. (e.g. took
>    R> note of how long I spent attending to a message or person;
>    R> could auto-index and summarize related themes on a half-dozen
>    R> different mailing lists; and best of all detect my mood and
>    R> spoonfeed stored fun mails when I'm clearly hitting the
>    R> new-mail button like a rat searching for glucose.)
>This is called "Emacs + Gnus + Rememberance Agent" ;)
>Ok, ok, you may need some elements of the Columbia Newsblaster too,
>and maybe a wee bit of
>but we /have/ the technology!

One could write it all in C++ too. It might even be easier.  The
problem is to make it available and usable to non-techies.  I'd argue
that a full blown database back end is needed. This is an opportunity
for Oricle. My e-mail is arguably the most important database I own.

Other features I want:

    to be able to assign a message to several categories, not just
which mailbox I put it in originally
    to be able to re-filter
    automatic incremental backup
    the ability to create a threaded conversation out of several
messages, with quoted text deleted when the original is present
   the ability to create an address list from  mail box
   a  list of superceded mail address  with an automatic capability to
substitute the most recent address
   an easy-to-use scripting language
   easy import of older formats
   automatic aging and archiving by type/priority

One thing Apple could do that would help a lot is for Shirlock to be
able to index and search individual messages.

Arnold Reinhold

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