Three Women Pregnant With Cloned Babies

chris arkenberg
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 16:08:06 -0700

Does a cloned fetus qualify as a life in the traditional, biblical 
sense? Is it the spark of consciousness that makes it divine, as some 
would argue? Or does a human life begin with fertilization? And if 
fertilization is the spark, does it matter whether it occurs in vitro 
or in utero?

I too would be interested to see how religious fundamentalists would 
regard these manufactured humans. Perhaps some rogue pastor will 
baptize them into God's flock...

At 3:46 PM -0700 4/24/02, Lindsey Smith wrote:
>  > I wonder what people who are adamently against both cloning and
>>  abortion would argue should be done with these pregnancies.
>I think they'd say that human cloning shouldn't have been attempted in the
>first place and hope the kids turn out all right. Why do you think someone
>against abortion would suddenly want a cloned fetus aborted? Repeat your
>statement with "rape" or "single motherhood" substituted for "cloning".