Three Women Pregnant With Cloned Babies

Gordon Mohr
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 01:29:51 -0500

Paul Prescod writes:
> Gordon Mohr wrote:
> > But if they do say that, and the mother/donors/doctor/etc. all
> > think the cloning was a good idea, what's the rationale for
> > banning cloning, or punishing those involved in the process? If
> > cloning just creates wonderful human beings deserving of love,
> > who's the victim, and what's the principle being harmed by allowing
> > them?
> God is the victim. Many of these people are the same people who think
> that masturbation is immoral and a crime against God. And let's not
> forget contraception. Looking for human victims is not a high priority!

And yet I would say, for any activity in which "God" is the only
victim, we don't need any laws/secular enforcement. God can look
out for himself in such matters. 

The only way you can motivate mass support for laws against cloning 
is by portraying cloning as a threat to current, "natural", 
"the-way-god-intended-it" people. This means getting areligious 
folks to fear cloning too, though perhaps not for the same reasons
that those with religious objections fear it.

Mobilizing against cloning thus requires casting aspersions on
cloning practicitioners: at best they're "misguided", but more
likely, they're "reckless" or even "evil." I think this carries
over, almost unavoidably, because nuance is difficult in gut 
issues, into directing suspicion and enforcement against clones 

But time will tell! 

- Gordon