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Yes, they are sensitive.  North Korea is in a position where bribing
people by rattling sabers is one of their only sources of income.
However, an actual war destroys their country and gets the top people
killed.  Placing a shot across their bow is not necessarily a bad thing
in the long run for those negotiations.

Plus, they ARE in fact evil and naming them allowed us to pretend our
main fight wasn't with Islam.  Let's face it, a regime where Castro
would be an improvement is impressive.  Whether the timing was good from
South Korea's prospective or not, it was good from ours.

China has their own radical Islamist problems.  They almost certainly
wish North Korea would just keep quiet.  Also, from their point of view,
the faster we finish what we want to do and return to normal complacency
the better.

The US will not initiate an attack on North Korea this year.  We'll have
our hands full invading Iraq and occupying the oil fields when the SA
government falls after Iraq falls.

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It wasn't stupid, it was brilliant.=A0 It was almost as brilliant as =
announced goal of 'unconditional surrender'.

ask south korea how "brilliant" bush's "axis of evil" proclamation =
the koreas are engaged in sensitive negotiations; even you must
recognize how clumsy - and ill-timed - it was.

you forgot to mention china.

is our bet still on?