Triumph of the Nerds at the SD Developer Bowl!

Rohit Khare
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 10:02:13 -0700

>Wednesday, April 24	Special Event
>SD Developer Bowl	6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
>Mike Gottlieb
>Watch and root for your favorite team in the second annual SD 
>Developer Bowl. The competition is hot and the questions are tough 
>as elite teams from the leading companies are pitted against each 
>other in a test of knowledge about the history, technology and 
>traditions of software development.

Since there hasn't been an official press release yet trumpeting our 
victory, I will take a moment to thank Jeff Barr, Fred Sanchez, and 
Ben Sittler -- and, in a strange turn of events, Yes Software -- for 
our devastating victory over the Software Development Expo Faculty 
_and_ two-time champions Borland last night!

[Nice trick for a "second" annual event, eh?]

Now, this isn't exactly a programming contest (which is why you all 
you disbelievers can breathe a sigh of relief ;-) The most you had to 
do was recognize "99 bottles of beer on the wall" from over 250 
computer languages:

More of the contest was geek culture (In the garden of eden, dammit, 
not inna-gadda-da-vida!) and geek history (because the paper tape was 
*stolen* out of BillG's demo van, dammit!). And, apparently judge's 
erroneous misconceptions of HTTP error codes.

Unfortunately, while it started out as fun and games, we weren't much 
watching the score versus Yes Software in the first round. So while 
we dominated the buzzer, we got many wrong as well, and the nod went 
to Yes.

In round two, though, the upset was SD Expo over Borland, who were 
out for blood. Enough so, that they (unlike us) debugged that the 
scoring rules weren't being calculated correctly. After some mounting 
suspense during the presentation of the Jolt cola awards -- including 
an all-time Hall of Fame award for Borland -- the Canadian team's 
accusations turned out to be correct.

Although it didn't change the results. For them.

KnowNow, it turned out, had won.

But in the spirit of precision legendary of developers everywhere, 
they apologized profusely once Stephen Jones offered not to sue them 

But, at the very last second, the generous folks from Yes -- perhaps 
sensing they didn't want their asses kicked? <ducking!> :-) -- 
graciously invited two of our team to join them. And upon announcing 
our impromptu strategic alliance, we proceeded to pummel the SD 
Faculty. Somewhat mercilessly, I'm afraid to say.

So, KnowNow and Yes (YesKnow?) -- Mark Schwartz, Adam Stock, Jeff 
Barr, and yours truly -- are now the reigning champions of developer 

Thanks to all who turned out to support us -- and free noogies to 
anyone who mentions the word 'Perl' again #$@!%!