341,000 NAm. Economist Subscribers

Rohit Khare Rohit@KnowNow.com
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 10:23:51 -0700

Somewhere in that haystack is the gal for me :-)

>In North America, average circulation ... 341,000. In the UK, 
>average circulation was 128,000... On the continent of Europe... an 
>average of 166,000 each week... In Asia, circulation averaged 85,000

Now, if only she'd read the 6-point footnotes for my name and google for me :-)

Another cheeky excerpt from http://www.economistgroup.com/3040.htm :

>The redesign has been supported by a major, integrated promotion 
>campaign, including a television advertisement screened in America 
>and Europe. The advertisement relates the story of Nelson Mandela on 
>Robben Island. It is narrated by Mac Maharaj, a fellow prisoner of 
>Nelson Mandela's on the island and the man who persuaded the guards 
>that the prisoners should be allowed to read The Economist. This was 
>a brilliant way for the prisoners to receive world news, until the 
>authorities realised that the paper was about rather more than 


PS. Doing the math... about 1% of the overall population is of South 
Asian descent. Upping that to 3% for our over-representation amongst 
the ranks of folks hip enough to be down with the Red Menace, and 
dividing by female (33%?), 20-30 yo (20%?), and single (50%), the 
0.1% upper bound would appear to be about 340. Sigh.