aircraft carrier list
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 17:20:50 EDT

with pics!

(i'd heard a rumor a few years ago that china had three brand spanking new 
aircraft carriers.  it was, apparently, baseless.)

a (way) bit off topic, but a few years ago i started a thread on another list 
titled "multisyllablic uhms" to voice my irritation with the encroachment of 
words like "basically," "actually," "apparently" into EVERY freaking 
statement i heard. "Actually, I'm fine."  "Basically, he's an asshole."  so i 
wondered then if our rapacious litigiousness  was to blame, the underlying 
fear of which forces us to qualify everything.  Even on-size t-shirts no 
longer claim to "fit all."  (imagine that lawsuit!)

anways, your comments here: ___________________________