French Carrier

Owen Byrne
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 19:01:27 -0300

I think many military theorists would suggest that the Aircraft Carrier is
also the Achilles heel of the US Navy, because of their incredible cost. If
any other nation was willing to spend a fraction of what the US does on
defense, they would likely build lots and lots of submarines with cruise
missiles and lots and lots of long -range supersonic bombers with standoff
missiles - sort of like the USSR circa 1990.


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> The Charles de Gaulle has less than half the displacement of a Nimitz
> carrier, and it has half the air wing filled with less capable aircraft.
> The Charles de Gaulle is a formidable platform as long as its enemy
> isn't the US Navy.
> It remains afloat only at the sufferenance of the US Navy.
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> > Actually, as is quite well known, there is one aircraft carrier
> > roughly comparable to the US's Nimitz class: France's Charles de
> > Gaulle.  It is alone with the US's big carriers in combining nuclear
> > propulsion, modern equipment, size and runway length for dozens of
> > conventional warplanes, several years autonomy etc, even if it is half
> > the size.