French Carrier, English commentary

Russell Turpin
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 13:37:20 +0000

>French 'calamity' carrier heads for sea - again
>By Julian Coman in Paris
>.. This time, the voyage must be a success. "If repeated
>mishaps don't finish a ship off, ridicule does," said Mr
>Richard. The French navy's communications officer in Toulon, Pierre Olivier 
>is issuing similarly warnings. "Nothing must be left to chance for this 
>trip," he said. "Everything must be in order this time."

Since I lack Geegee's skill with verse, I'll just quote
a famous Englishman:

The new ship here is fitted according to the reported
increase of knowledge among mankind. Namely, she is
cumbered end to end, with bells and trumpets and
clocks and wires, .. she can call voices out of the
air of the waters to con the ship while the crew
sleeps. But sleep Thou lightly. It has not yet been
told to me that the Sea has ceased to be the Sea.
   -- Rudyard Kipling

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