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Subject: [silk] ADUni - University on a disk


ArsDigita University (http://www.aduni.org/) had an interesting goal, to
offer the world's best computer science education, at an undergraduate
level, to people who were otherwise unable to obtain it.

See http://www.aduni.org/courses/ and http://www.aduni.org/about/#concept

AdUni has gone into deep freeze after ArsDigita(.com) lost funding. Not
wanting a good thing to go waste they have 80 gigs of streamable real media
videos of the actual lectures on the website. I have finally managed to get
a mirror of the website with all the videos, problem sets and lecture notes.

The material is released under the OpenContent License (OPL)
[http://www.opencontent.org/opl.shtml]. I would like this to reach as many
people as possible. I intend burning DVDs of this for a few of my friends at
the local LUG. But, I'm on the lookout for a broader distribution medium to
enable it to reach as many people as possible. I'm planning to meet the
local cable ISPs in Chennai to get them to mirror it on their servers and
stream it to their users.

I'm on the lookout for ways and means of making this reach just about
anybody who'd be interested in this sort of a thing. I'm also looking for
volunteers who could take this and spread this in their part of the world...
and generally interesting ideas on what can be done with this...

Do you think the time is right for this sort of thing to have a significant
impact in this part of the world, considering the cost of disseminating 80
Gigs of digital content?