Elance:CEO needed for advanced political party

Owen J Byrne owen@permafrost.net
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 13:16:17 -0300

I thought of some people here ;-)



Startup CEO needed for transpolitical Libertarian/Democrat political
party. Rewrite for web and business content being done
now. Responsibilities will be for getting business
plan/financing/operating capital, personnel/advisors, website,
PR/marketing/advertising, legal/incorporation, etc. Pay is dependent
on operating capital. Will be PT at home to start with. Speed is not
of the essence because everything must be done very well. Political
experience or education a must, especially social sciences. Genius can
be a partial substitute for the above to attract younger
applicants. Political party leans toward the
esoteric/metaphysical/moral/ethical. Thrust is to get a Swiss style
government for the US to really grow and thrive well.

Additional Description
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Fri Apr 12 19:21:50 2002 , after the project was originally posted.

Clarification: Pay is substantial equity/stock and high percent of
revenue plus a base salary. Bid will be category minimum. NON-PROFIT
category. CEO bears responsibility for revenue start up. Pay is equity
only until there is income (within 2 months).